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Photoshoot Tour Dresden

Phototshoot Tour Dresden

We offer you a customized 2 hour photoshooting in one part of Dresden. We could recommend the best places depending on your preferences. We will meet at an easy to reach place. Pickup service is optional.

The PhotoShoot takes about 2h and you will get about  90 high quality pictures. The pictures will be given to you by a download link within 24 hours.

This PhotoShoot Tour is optimized for small groups up to 4 people.

PRICE: 180 € (max 4 people)
The price is fix and doesn’t depend on the number of people.

EXTRAS: If you want you can add some of this extra

  • Additional person (+35 €)
  • All pictures from the tour without editing (+60 €)
  • Express delivery of the pics within 2h (+50 €)
  • Interpreter for Russian (100 €)
  • Pickup service (please ask!)

Order your Photoshoot Tour in Dresden

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What is Included?

  • 1 location (Oldtown or Newtown)
  • 2 hours of photoshooting
  • 90 optimized pictures
  • Delivery in  24 hours
  • 4 people

Not included:

  • Tickets or transport
  • Detailed explanations of the place
  • Printed copies.